When Is a Dental Implant a Better Choice Than Veneers?

When Is a Dental Implant a Better Choice Than Veneers?

An imperfect smile can be a self-confidence killer, leaving you feeling uncomfortable about the way you look. Fortunately, there are many different types of smile restoration available, and you’ll be flashing your smile again in no time.

At Fairfax Family Dentist in Fairfax, Virginia, Dr. Padmaja Yalamanchili offers patients seeking a better smile several options, including veneers and dental implant consultations to help you decide how best to restore your smile.

Different types of smile problems

You can have one or more different types of problems with your smile:

Cosmetic issues

Cosmetic dental issues include:

If these issues aren’t causing actual health risks or leading to more serious dental damage, you may not need invasive dental work to repair them.

Structural issues

Things become more serious when you lose one or more teeth. The loss of just a single tooth destabilizes the entire upper or lower arch. The jawbone under the empty socket starts to reabsorb, and the teeth on either side slowly drift into the gap, loosening and falling out even if they are still healthy.

If you have gum disease, this process is often accelerated, and you could potentially lose all of your teeth at a relatively young age if the issue isn’t addressed. Periodontal care can help with gum problems, but you’ll need a permanent fix to save the rest of your teeth.

Veneers vs. implants 

You’ll want to use the option that makes the most sense for your unique situation. We’ll examine your teeth and discuss your choices with you to help you make an informed decision.


Dental veneers are made of very thin porcelain wafers that are attached to the front faces of your teeth to create a beautiful, white, even smile. These are an excellent solution if you have only simple cosmetic issues with your smile.

The veneer process is relatively quick and affordable. Dr. Yalamanchili will carefully remove a tiny layer of enamel from your teeth, make molds for veneer fabrication, then install the finished veneers permanently with a special bonding agent. 

Dental implants 

If you have one or more missing teeth, a dental implant can help save the rest of your teeth while restoring your smile. It’s the long-term solution to tooth loss. The dental implant itself is a titanium post placed in the bone of your jaw. 

The jaw fuses around the implant, which acts like a tooth root, stimulating the bone to keep it alive and supporting the restoration. If this is the best solution for you, Dr. Yalamanchili will refer you to a specialist to have the actual implant placed and then finish the restoration (crown) in our office.

Can’t decide if veneers or implants are best for you? We can help. Call Dr. Yalamanchili at our office at 703-213-5313 or book your appointment online today.

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