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Does your smile light up a room? If you’re living with yellowed, stained, or otherwise discolored teeth, Dr. Padmaja Yalamanchili, DDS PC is dedicated to helping you. By offering comfortable and highly effective teeth whitening at her office in Fairfax, Virginia, Dr. Yalamanchili and her team help patients unlock their whitest, brightest smiles. Learn more by calling her office or booking your appointment online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is a treatment designed to lift stains from your enamel, breaking them up so your teeth can look bright and white again. Dr. Yalamanchili uses a hydrogen peroxide solution to whiten your teeth several shades in a single visit. 

Over-the-counter at-home whitening kits can also use hydrogen peroxide (albeit a weaker solution) to lift stains, but they come with a couple of dangers. 

First, overuse can damage your enamel — your tooth’s hard protective outer coating. Secondly, if the whitening solution in your at-home kit leaks onto your gums, it can harm them.

Dr. Yalamanchili whitens teeth without compromising the strength of your enamel in any way. She protects your gums during your teeth whitening treatment so the whitening solution can work on your teeth without compromising your overall oral health. 

What’s more, her tooth-whitening solution is professional-strength. That means Dr. Yalamanchili can deliver you more dramatic tooth whitening in less time than at-home whitening kits. 

When should I get teeth whitening?

Many patients choose to have their teeth whitened before a big event like a wedding or a major presentation at work. Some choose to do it when they’re working on self-improvement because it gives them an easy, effective way to boost their appearance and self-confidence. 

Others have always wanted teeth whitening and finally decide to get their brightest smile because they learn the process is so easy and comfortable with Dr. Yalamanchili.

Dr. Yalamanchili also recommends this procedure before you get a dental bridge or implant. This way, your teeth can be their brightest and your replacement tooth can be colored to match, leaving you with a stunning, full smile. 

How do I keep my teeth white?

While Dr. Yalamanchili uses teeth whitening to brighten your teeth by several shades, she can’t protect them against future staining. To keep your teeth white and beautiful, avoid staining substances like coffee, wine, cola, and tobacco. 

Make sure you practice good oral hygiene as well. Brushing and flossing daily removes plaque buildup and helps your teeth stay healthy and bright. 

Are you ready to get a dazzling smile? Get started by calling Dr. Padmaja Yalamanchili, DDS PC or booking your teeth whitening appointment online today.