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You want to help your children lead their healthiest lives and you know that regularly visiting the dentist is an important part of the process. The dedicated team at Dr. Padmaja Yalamanchili, DDS PC is committed to making this part of your child’s care easy and comfortable, both for you and for your son or daughter. Dr. Yalamanchili is highly experienced in dentistry for children. She and her team work to help all their young patients feel relaxed. Learn more by calling the office in Fairfax, Virginia, or scheduling your appointment online.

Dentistry for Children Q & A

How important is dentistry for children?

Teaching your children healthy oral hygiene habits at a young age helps protect their teeth against damage and decay, setting them on the path to enjoying their entire lives with their strong, natural teeth. 

Good oral care means encouraging your children to brush at least twice a day and floss daily. It also means visiting Dr. Padmaja Yalamanchili, DDS PC twice a year for teeth cleanings and checkups. 

During these appointments, your child’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned, removing any plaque that could otherwise cause tooth decay. These regular visits also give Dr. Yalamanchili the opportunity to see your children’s teeth. 

This way, she can check for any cavities or other oral health issues. What’s more, she can see how well your child has been cleaning their teeth and make recommendations to help both you and your child keep their mouth clean and healthy. 

What if my child feels nervous at the dentist?

It’s very common for kids to feel nervous about dental appointments. It’s an unfamiliar environment and the process of having their teeth cleaned can feel uncomfortable. Dr. Yalamanchili and her entire staff know that many kids feel anxious about visiting the dentist. They strive to overcome any feelings of worry with a warm, friendly atmosphere. 

If that’s ineffective, the team also offers nitrous oxide. Commonly called laughing gas, this mild but effective sedative helps children feel calm and comfortable during their appointment. 

Your child inhales the nitrous oxide through a mask. It takes just five minutes to start working. They’ll be awake, relaxed, and happy. Once the mask is removed, the nitrous oxide wears off within about five minutes.   

Is nitrous oxide safe?

Absolutely. Nitrous oxide is widely used in dentistry for children and adults alike. It’s safe and effective in helping children with a strong gag reflex, children who are nervous about the dentist, and children who are undergoing a longer dental procedure. 

Dr. Yalamanchili is dedicated to helping you set your child up for a lifetime of healthy oral habits. To learn more about how she works with you to build those habits and help your son or daughter feel comfortable at her office, call to speak to a team member or book your child’s appointment online.