Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

Are you dreading holiday pictures? Yellow teeth can make you reluctant to smile, laugh, or even be in social situations. Teeth whitening can completely change your look and your outlook, making you feel confident and capable of smiling freely once again. 

At the dental practice of Dr. Padmaja Yalamanchili in Fairfax, Virginia, teeth whitening is a popular service, especially at this time of year. Find out how you can improve your smile in time for your annual holiday family reunion.

Causes of yellowing teeth

Most people’s teeth are naturally off-white. However, exposure to certain foods, drinks, and chemicals can cause staining over time. Aging and genetics both play a part in the relative whiteness of your teeth. What you eat and drink over the course of your life, as well as certain lifestyle habits, can speed tooth discoloration and make it difficult to feel good about your smile.

Common causes of accelerated teeth discoloration include: 

If your diet or habits have stained the enamel of your teeth, chairside teeth whitening can help.

Teeth whitening treatments 

There are treatments you can use at home to whiten teeth, but they aren’t as effective as in-office, or “chairside” whitening. Dr. Yalamanchili  seeks to provide the best possible results, so she offers chairside whitening using advanced techniques to make your teeth multiple shades whiter in just one sitting. 

First, she’ll make sure your gums are protected from the whitening solution to reduce any chance of sensitivity after your whitening treatment. Then she’ll use a professional-strength, safe, effective hydrogen peroxide-based whitening solution to effortlessly lighten your teeth by several shades. 

The entire process will take around an hour, and after your session you’ll need to refrain from eating or drinking for an hour or two. Most people have no side effects from tooth whitening, but some patients might find that their teeth feel sensitive to heat and cold for a few days after their appointment.

Advantages of tooth whitening

You’ll find that having your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist’s office has multiple benefits, including:

If you need your teeth whitened in a hurry, call Dr. Yalamanchili at our office at 703-213-5313 or book your appointment online today.

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