Get Your Teeth Whitened in Time for Wedding Season

Get Your Teeth Whitened in Time for Wedding Season

Everyone wants to look their best on big days, especially their big day. Even if you’re not the one getting married, you’ll naturally want to smile as you celebrate, which can be difficult when you’re self-conscious about your teeth. Teeth whitening can brighten your teeth in anticipation of the ceremony and photos, and the results will last well after the wedding. 

At the dental practice of Dr. Padmaja Yalamanchili in Fairfax, Virginia, we offer teeth whitening for men, women and children to ensure your wedding photos show brilliant smiles. Whether you’re a member of the bridal party or just a guest at the wedding ceremony, you’ll want to look your best.

Whitening during wedding season 

The majority of teeth whitening appointments are made in the spring and winter. Those who whiten their teeth twice a year will get them done before major holidays, and again before wedding season. Most people want to improve their appearance before graduations, reunions, and weddings, which tend to occur when the weather is warm and mild. 

If you’re planning on wearing white in the near future, you should whiten your teeth to match. The color of your teeth depends largely on what you’re wearing: They will look whiter when you wear warmer colors that offset any yellowing. 

Likewise, any bright white clothes will make them look more discolored than they really are. Even if your teeth are fairly white already, a purer shade will make them look dull by comparison. So, if you’ll be the one in white, definitely take your teeth into consideration while planning your appearance. 

This goes for grooms and bridesmaids as well; if you’ll be standing in close proximity to the bride during photos, you’ll want your teeth to appear similarly white as her dress. Any wedding guest expected to show up in photos should be mindful of their smile’s appearance.

What to expect 

Professional whitening is much safer and more effective than over-the-counter kits. This is because at-home solutions like strips, pens, and trays are purposefully weak to protect your enamel and prevent chemical burns on the gums. Unfortunately, this leads many people to overuse these products, damaging their teeth with little to show for it. 

While Dr. Yalamanchili’s whitening solution is significantly stronger, we have the tools to protect your gums and speed up the bleaching process. Within a single session, we can brighten your teeth by several shades. 

However, this does not protect your teeth from future stains. You’ll need to touch up your results within a few months or a year, though you can maintain a whiter color by avoiding: 

The list goes on. There are many other staining agents that can dull your teeth, to the point that you cannot avoid them all. Instead of limiting your diet, just make sure to swish with water or brush your teeth after eating or drinking. This not only prevents yellowing, but also improves your oral hygiene in general. 

Unhappy with the sight of your smile? Big plans for wedding season? Schedule a whitening session with Dr. Yalamanchili by calling 703-213-5312, or book an appointment online.

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